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About OAAG Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is working with culturally diverse arts professionals to accelerate their transition into leadership positions in the Ontario public art gallery sector. The program has matched six culturally diverse arts professionals with senior arts leaders in Ontario public art galleries for nine to twelve months. Aboriginal peoples and visible minorities are part of the program.

The Mentorship Program offers an opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship between the mentor and mentoree in order to develop skills and exchange information. Mentorees design their own mentoring relationships, which could consist of regular meetings and activities to focus on building skills and knowledge on cultural diversity, cultural pluralism, and leadership in the public art gallery sector. 


The Mentorship Program will benefit individuals, organizations and the public art gallery sector in Ontario, which may include improved:


  • Leadership, governance and change management skills

  • Ability to integrate culturally plural values and principles in operations, planning, audience development, marketing,   programming and decision-making processes in public art galleries

  • Methods, techniques and practices in managing a public art gallery, including partnership development, human    resource management and financial administration

  • Relations and communications with Board of Directors and/or city council

  • Strategic planning in the context of cultural pluralism

  • Listening skills and ability to give feedback

  • Self-reflection and other personal skills

  •  Network and contacts

  •  Other areas as identified by mentorees or mentors



OAAG support and training will help mentoring teams get the most

of the experience, including:







  • Online private resource and information sharing for mentoring pairs





Professionals working in the fields of cultural diversity, leadership and public art galleries formed a jury to select six mentorees from the applicants. Successful mentorees were matched with a mentor based on their mentorship objectives.

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